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Vietnam Health Insurance Coverage Summary

Private health insurance plans in Vietnam offer a host of options to provide financial assistance and access to excellent medical care in case of illness or injury. Coverage ranges from emergency-only plans to policies providing comprehensive coverage benefits, and is available for individuals, families, and groups located on a permanent or temporary basis in Vietnam.

Vietnam Medical Insurance Coverage Options

When applying for a Vietnamese medical insurance plan you will typically be offered a choice of coverage benefits to include in your policy. Deciding which benefits will be of most use to you can prove to be quite a challenge; to help you identify the protection which you find most important we have listed a number of common Vietnam Health Insurance coverage options on this page.

Vietnam Health Insurance plans can usually provide protection for:

If you would like to learn more about any of these Vietnam medical insurance coverage benefits simply click on the above links.

Vietnam Health Insurance Concerns

Outside of the coverage and protection offered by a Vietnam health insurance plan, there are a range of other issues which often cause confusion amongst policyholders. Common areas of concern which should be understood prior to seeking medical insurance protection in Vietnam include:

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Vietnam Health Insurance Information

Should you have any additional questions about the many facets of a Vietnam Health Insurance policy, you can Contact Us to solicit additional information from a qualified member of our support staff. You can also submit a request for further Coverage information and clarification of important policy factors by completing the short form at the top of this page.