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Vietnam Alternative Therapy Health Insurance

In Vietnam, as with most all of Asia, a lot of emphasis is placed on treating the body and the mind with methods that may not be considered commonplace in western countries. These treatments often date back hundreds of years, and some have been proved to be highly effective with minimal invasion commonly associated with more routine practices such as surgery or pharmaceutical prescriptions.

For these reasons, many individuals world-wide are starting to request that they be covered by their insurance provider for alternative therapy and complementary medicine treatments, and the insurance providers themselves have seen the value to their policy holders and can often offer coverage as part of a comprehensive health insurance package.

Including such treatments such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a Vietnam medical insurance plan with an Alternative therapy coverage benefit will afford policy protection for a range of treatment options not normally covered for under a typically plan.

With many traditional practitioners of indigenous medicine in Vietnam, obtaining a Vietnamese health insurance plan offering this type of protection can mean that you are covered for Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Osteopathic, and Chiropractic treatments in Vietnam and elsewhere around the world.

Vietnam Health Insurance Information

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