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Vietnam Health Insurance Geographical Coverage Areas

Purchasing a private Vietnamese health will enable you to access and seek treatment a private medical facilities and hospitals throughout Vietnam. However, upon selecting a Vietnam medical insurance plan, you may also be offered the option of choosing where in the world you would like to receive protection from the policy.

With this in mind it is important that, when seeking Vietnam health insurance coverage options, you examine each policy to understand where you are covered (in which geographical locations) and how this relates to your long term life goals in the country.

Choosing a local Vietnam health insurance plan, rather than an International Vietnam health insurance plan will afford you high levels of protection while you are in the country, but may not be useful overseas. Conversely, an International health insurance policy can provide great coverage on a worldwide basis, but may not be applicable for your local situation in Vietnam.

When deciding on the Geographical area of coverage for your health insurance in Vietnam you should know whether you will be traveling overseas at any point in the future, if you are planning to relocate back to your home nation (if you are an expatriate) and any other factors which may influence the ability of your Vietnam medical insurance plan to protect you.

Generally when considering a plan’s geographical area of coverage the main options are:

Domestic-Only Vietnam Health Insurance Coverage

Domestic-only coverage is offered through a vast array of providers of all sizes and reputations, often providing plans that can fit any budget, but they all share one characteristic: a Domestic or Local Vietnam health insurance plan will only offer coverage for the insured individual while they are physically present in Vietnam.

This level of coverage may be fine for many who have no plans of travel abroad, or who are planning to travel abroad but will purchase a short-term traveler's policy for the duration their time overseas.

International Health Insurance Coverage

International health insurance is typically offered via large international insurance providers.

Generally an international Vietnam health insurance plan will provide coverage on a worldwide basis, allowing you to receive treatment with any doctor or hospital in the world. However, when selecting an international or expatriate health insurance plan you will normally be afforded the option of choosing where you would like the policy to protect you. There are typically two choices in this regard:

The reason for this choice is due to the fact that healthcare costs in the United States of America are the most expensive in the world, and while you may wish to receive your Vietnamese health insurance protection on a worldwide basis, choosing to exclude coverage in the USA from your plan can result in a significant premium savings.

Vietnam Health Insurance Coverage Areas

If you would like further clarification on the options and possibilities for coverage areas under a Vietnamese medical insurance policy you can Contact Us and speak to our knowledgeable support team. You can also request additional information by directly submitting the short form at the top of this page.