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Vietnam Chronic Condition Insurance

Chronic health conditions are considered to be any debilitating health conditions which currently have no known cure.

Examples of chronic conditions can range from the non-critical such as headaches or arthritis to life-threatening conditions such as cancer, diabetes and more. As there are no known cures, all modern medicine is able to do is treat the symptoms in an attempt to control the condition and prevent it from becoming worse.

When a person wishes to purchase Vietnam health insurance, any chronic conditions they may have will be considered prior to coverage. Depending on the risk of the chronic condition in question, the level of coverage may be adjusted to include or exclude the condition, or only include treatment up to a certain amount within a certain amount of time.

These limits may be referred to as acute treatment, which will cover treatment of symptoms related to a chronic condition with the possibility of certain restrictions, annual limit of treatment, which puts a specified limit on the amount of treatment a particular chronic condition may receive in a single year, and lifetime limit of treatment which will specify a maximum amount of treatment for the chronic condition to receive over the insured's entire life.

Vietnam Health Insurance Information

If you are unsure what conditions may be considered chronic, or have questions regarding chronic condition insurance coverage in Vietnam, contact one of our advisers for further information by Contacting Us. You can also request more details by completing the informational request form at the top of this page.