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Vietnam Health Insurance Claims

All private insurance providers offering coverage in Vietnam will require that the insured individual present a claim in order to recieve financial compensation or coverage for their necessary medical treatment.

These claims typically require the insured to present adequate documentation to justify the need for care and the associated costs. In general there are four basic categories of claims that may need to be filed with the insurance provider in order to recieve payment.

Vietnam Health Insurance In-patient General Claim

An In-patient General Claim is usually filed by an insured individual prior to recieving needed non-critical treatments which have been scheduled in advance.

These claims serve to assist the insurance company in determining that the scheduled treatment will indeed be covered, and allows them to deal directly with the healthcare facility regarding payment, thus largely removing the need for the insured individual to be further involved. This type of claim is also often required to be filed in advance of treatments by the healthcare facility staff so that they know they are guaranteed payment for services rendered, this is especially common in the case of expatriates recieving treatment, as many facilities will deny treatment without assurance of compensation.

Vietnam Health Insurance In-patient Emergency Claim

In-patient emergency claims serve to ensure swift access to care in case of a medical emergency due to accident or illness, wherein time is off the essence when receiving medical treatment.

In these events, it is best to have familiarized yourself with the nearest treatment facility that is in the coverage network of your specific private Vietnam health insurance coverage provider, as some emergency claims may be denied if no relationship between healthcare facility and insurer exists.

Before purchasing any plan that offers emergency coverage, discuss with the insurer which, if any, treatment facilities are avialable in your area of Vietnam are honored.

Vietnam Health Insurance Out-patient General Claim

Out-patient general claims are usually filed by the policyholder and submitted to the insurer in request of reimbursement for needed out-patient care, such as a routine doctors visit, which does not require admittance into hospital.

Commonly the insured individual will pay for treatment out of pocket and then file a claim for reimbursement in accord with policy stipulations.

Vietnam Health Insurance Out-patient Direct Settlement

An out-patient direct settlement is really not a claim at all, but takes the place of the claim, by having prior arrangements and agreements in place between the healthcare provider and the insurer to seamlessly provide treatment for the patient and payment by the insurer for the insured individual on an out-patient basis, thus making it quick and easy to access needed care.

Vietnam Health Insurance Claims Information

For more information regarding any of the above claim types and to find out which Vietnam medical insurance providers offer which types of coverage and claims, contact one of our knowledgeable advisors. Requests for additional information can also be made simply by completing the informational request form at the top of this page.