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Vietnam Health Insurance Deductibles

If you are considering purchase of a private Vietnam health insurance plan for a loved one, yourself, your family, or a group, it is important to be aware of your options policy deductibles, as the cost of the plan you choose may vary accordingly.

A Deductible, also known as an Excess or Co-pay, is the amount of money which you will contribute to the cost of any medical treatment you receive, with the insurance company covering the rest. While a deductible is not usually mandatory on a Vietnam medical insurance plan, choosing to have one can often significantly lower your total plan premium. As such, it makes sense to consider a deductible option when looking at health insurance in Vietnam.

Below is a brief summary of the three most common types of health insurance deductible in Vietnam:

Per Condition Deductible

Per condition deductibles will require that the insured meet a minimum cost towards medical treatment for each specific condition that they receive treatment for, and after that amount has been paid out of pocket by the insured, all subsequent costs will be bore by the insurance provider up to the policy limits.

This deductible will apply each individual condition and should not be confused with an annual deductible.

Annual Deductible

The annual deductible is the amount of financial responsibility the insured individual bears for toward their own good health during a single insured year.

This amount will be paid out by the insured for the first treatment(s) they receive up to a per-determined amount, after which the insurance provider will cover the costs for any other health conditions up to the policy limits.

Co-Pay or Co-Insurance Deductible

Co-Pay/Co-Insurance Deductibles require the insured to be responsible for a specified percentage of any treatments they receive.

For instance, a co-insurance deductible of 20% means that for every $1000 of covered healthcare that an insured individual receives they will be required to make a co-payment of $200 and the remaining $800 will be covered by the insurance provider.

Vietnam Health Insurance Deductible Information

All Vietnam medical insurance providers will have different deductible options available, and this overview is by no means all-inclusive. Many of the deductible options available in the Vietnamese medical insurance industry will vary from one provider to the next. For more complete details regarding deductible information, contact a support advisor for any questions you may have.

You can also submit a request for further Deductible and Excess information by completing the request form at the top of the page.