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Vietnam Health Insurance Coverage Definitions

Some of the terms used my many health insurance providers may leave some confusion for the average person considering purchasing Vietnam private medical insurance. The terms and definitions listed below are intended to make understanding your options for coverage easier, so that if you decide to purchase coverage, you can do so confidently.

Health Insurance Terms Defined

Acute Illness – any illness which has rapid onset and only lasts for a short period of time

Anniversary Date – the date which marks one year increments of coverage in a multi-year insurance policy

Applicant – the person applying for insurance coverage

Application – the necessary paperwork to be filled out by the applicant for consideration of coverage by the insurance provider

Claim - the (usually written) request by the insured individual to their insurance provider to provide compensation or coverage for covered medical treatment(s)

Commencement Date – the calendar date that insurance coverage begins for an insured individual

Deductible – the prior agreed amount of financial responsibility the insured has toward their own health for treatment(s) as stated in their insurance policy

Documents – legal records kept by the insured or insurer relating to health, treatment, or compensation for a particular insurance policy, these are usually signed or sealed in an official manner and may be part of a permanent record

Due Date – the calendar date that the insurance policy premium payment must be paid on or prior to

Health/Medical Insurance – a contractual agreement wherein one party (the insurer) agrees to provide protection and financial assistance in the event of a covered health condition on behalf of the covered party (the insured) requires medical treatment

Hospitalization Coverage – health insurance that protects the insured to a prior agreed level in the case that the insured requires hospital care

In-Patient Care – medical treatment(s) that require stay over-night in a hospital

Insurance – a contractual agreement wherein one party agrees to provide protection against some form of risk for an agreed upon fee

Out-patient – medical treatment(s) that do not require over-night stay in a hospital

Policy Conditions – the terms of coverage stipulated in the insurance policy

Policyholder – the individual to whom the insurance policy is issued to, and is subsequently responsible for payment. In the case of a group plan, this may be an authorized agent or administrator.

Policy Schedule – the document which explains the level of cover purchased for a specific insurance policy

Pre-existing Condition – a health condition that existed prior to the purchase and start of coverage of a specific insurance policy

Reimbursement Rate – the maximum amount of coverage the insurance policy provides for covered medical conditions and treatments

Region – the specific geographical location where an insurance policy provides guaranteed coverage

Renewal – the legal arrangement wherein coverage is offered by the insurer to the insured to continue protection for an additional period of time in exchange for payment

Serious Injury – a bodily injury which causes significant inhibits the ability to perform tasks or activities to the same level as the before the injury, on a short or long-term basis

Specific Terms – conditions beyond standard terms which will have a bearing on policy coverage and may be defined specifically for a particular policy or individual

Standard Terms – common conditions which have a bearing on policy coverage

Subrogation – the legal right of the insurer to exercise recovery and financial benefit action on behalf of their insured against a third party for their own compensation on behalf of the insured

Surgery – medical treatments to care for disease, injury or deformity with the intent of improving or maintaining the patient's health

Terminal Phase - the stage of a patient's disease wherein there is no possibility of cure and death is considered eminent

Waiting Period – the required period of time the insured must wait for coverage benefits to begin after the policy is finalized

Vietnam Health Insurance Information

This list is by no means all-inclusive and all insurance providers have specific definitions which may vary slightly from the above listed terms. For clarification on the definitions of specific terms listed on this page you can Contact Us to request detailed assistance. You can also request information directly by completing the request form at the top of this page.