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Vietnam Dental Insurance Coverage

Virtually no private insurance packages available in Vietnam will provide automatic coverage for their insured's dental needs. The reasons for this are primarily due to cost and the many options available in most countries, including Vietnam for varied types of dental treatments, both necessary and elective.

As a result, dental insurance benefit plans are commonly offered as optional coverage which can be added to an already purchased Vietnam health insurance package. This optional dentist prescribed treatment coverage is usually offered in two different forms, with coverage available in two different levels and usually reflected in coverage pricing.

These two major types of coverage for Dental procedures typically found on Vietnamese health insurance plans are Routine Dental Coverage and Major Dental Coverage.

Vietnam Routine Dental Insurance

Routine dental insurance is intended to provide coverage for the insured for common dental treatments such as dentist check-ups, x-rays, tooth cleaning, fillings, tooth extractions, necessary anesthesia and some required dental surgeries in addition to emergency dental care.

Routine dental coverage does not typically provide protection for elective treatments which usually include almost all cosmetic or reconstructive dental procedures.

Vietnam Major Dental Insurance

Major dental insurance coverage is intended to be a comprehensive coverage solution which can usually be expected to cover almost any dental need that the insured should encounter.

Typically covered treatments include all items covered by routine dental insurance coverage as well as preventative procedures such as gum and tooth deep cleaning, crowns, jackets, dentures, bridges, braces and prosthetic dental device repair work.

Vietnam Dental Insurance Waiting Periods and Exclusions

Most of the time dental plans will require a brief waiting period before beginning coverage; however, few will have exclusions as a result of pre-existing conditions, as nearly everyone has had some form of dental care performed at some point in their past and separating out existing conditions would be nearly impossible.

Despite this, it is important that you check for confirmation with your provider about any possible exclusions which may be in place on your policy. For plan exclusions typically found on Vietnam health insurance policies please click Vietnam Health insurance exclusions.

For more information about Waiting Periods in reference to Dental health insurance plans, please click Vietnam Health Insurance Waiting Periods.

Vietnam Dental Insurance Information

If you are considering dental insurance coverage in Vietnam and would like answers to any insurance or coverage related questions, please feel free contact one of our Knowledge advisers for assistance. It is also possible to submit a request for information by simply completing the short form at the top of this page.