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Vietnam Emergency Evacuation Insurance Coverage

For anyone who resides in, or will be traveling to, a location where medical offerings are not of excellent quality, an emergency evacuation or repatriation insurance coverage plan is well worth considering.

Given the very rural and largely undeveloped nature of much of Vietnam's highlands, countryside and southern delta regions, and the popularity of such activities as adventure sports and eco-tourism, these plans are very popular with both short and long-term visitors to Vietnam as an inexpensive way to protect themselves from the dangers of an unforeseen health risk in the event that there are no superior healthcare facilities in their immediate vicinity.

Emergency Evacuation Cover in Vietnam

These plans provide financial protection for and access to emergency transport services in the unfortunate event that the insured should experience an accident or illness which cannot be adequately treated at his or her nearby healthcare facility. In order to grant access to necessary treatments, the emergency evacuation coverage plan then steps in to transport the insured infirm individual to the nearest location featuring premier healthcare facilities to maintain or restore their health.

Emergency evacuation coverage will provide financial insulation against what can potentially be hundreds of thousands of (US) dollars in medical expenses due to the typically very high cost of emergency transport services via automobile, boat, airplane, and helicopter ambulances and all necessary medical treatments prior to and during transit to ensure safe transport at a moment's notice. These plans can provide remote extractions, as well as hospital pick-up for the injured or ill and fast safe delivery to another more qualified location in Vietnam, or if needed to another location abroad which is best suited to treat your condition.

Emergency repatriation coverage offers most of the same services yet the transit is intended to return the insured expatriate to their country of residence outside of Vietnam for needed treatment and care.

It should be made clear that these plans are only in case of a medical emergency in which a qualified medical professional or other qualified individual has determined that transport is necessary to ensure the insured's good health. The decision is not elective by the insured individual or their family as a matter of preference, but rather is an emergency life-saving service and typically must be approved by the coverage provider in order to ensure payment.

Vietnam Emergency Evacuation Information

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