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Expat health insurance in Singapore and Hong Kong

Get expert advice on expat health insurance solutions for Singapore and Hong Kong from VHI’s leading Asian insurance partner, Pacific Prime.

Healthcare in Asia: What you need to know

When you’re considering a move to Asia, one of the most important things you’ll need to think about is how you will be covered for healthcare in the event something happens to you or your family. Navigating the different insurers and their plans can be a daunting task for anyone, and countries like Singapore and Hong Kong will have different rules regarding who can access public healthcare and who can’t.

That’s why our partner, Pacific Prime, is the leading insurance broker in the Asia region - their expert advisors have been service clients for over 15 years. Here’s what they have to say about expat health insurance in Singapore and Hong Kong.


Singapore is a world leader in healthcare, recognised for having a public and private health system that are highly efficient and effective at producing great outcomes for patients. The public system features eight hospitals, including separate women’s and children’s facilities, while the private sector runs ten hospitals - all of which are seen as world leading for their highly trained staff and strong relationships with tertiary and medical research institutions.

While citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible for government subsidies, expats will find they’re excluded from such discounts. With both public and private hospitals vying for the lucrative medical tourism market, many expats find that the costs of visiting a public hospital to be comparative to visiting a private one instead. Without eligibility to a subsidy, non-PR expats can pay US 100 for an out-patient visit that would cost a citizen only US 25.

Hong Kong

A similar situation exists for expats in Hong Kong. 41 hospitals are government run and provide an excellent but very much no-frills experience compared to the more luxurious private sector. The smaller 13 private hospitals are highly praised for their well-trained staff and modern facilities, as well as for their much shorter waiting times when compared to the public system.

If you have a valid visa and a Hong Kong ID card, then you will likely be able to benefit from the generous government subsidies at public facilities. By comparison, non-eligible public hospital visits and private facility charges are some of the highest in the world; second only to the US. With extremely high wait times for care in the public sector, sometimes the greater access and more flexible care options are worth paying for health insurance.

Why Pacific Prime?

Even though both Singapore and Hong Kong have world class quality public healthcare, there are still many reasons to consider private medical insurance as an expat. Hong Kong’s public hospital waiting times can sometimes be exhausting, especially during influenza season, while paying for coverage in Singapore can help with the more expensive aspects of care.

Pacific Prime is the leading insurance broker in Asia, with over 15 years experience and serving over 120,000 clients worldwide. Let their experienced advisors help you find the right insurance solution for you and your family, contact our partner for a free quote today