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Coverage Limits of Vietnam Health Insurance Plans

When considering purchase of a Vietnam health insurance plan, all should be aware that there are coverage limitations that may be imposed, also known as a plan’s Overall Maximum Benefit.

These limits will vary between providers regarding amount and type of coverage available, with general Vietnam medical insurance limits ranging in the region of US$ 1,000,000 – US$ 2,000,000 per year.

Actual policy coverage limits under Vietnam health insurance plans are typically broken down into three categories:

Per-Condition Limits

Specific condition limits stipulate how much coverage will be provided to an insured individual or group for each specific malady within in certain amount of time, usually one year.

Annual Limit

An Annual limit sets a maximum amount of coverage to be provided for the insured for all covered treatment over the course of a single year.

An Annual Limit on a Vietnam Health Insurance plan will reset upon each year’s policy renewal.

Lifetime Limit

A Lifetime limit specifies the maximum amount of coverage to be provided for an insured individual for the entire lifetime of the insurance policy. Once a lifetime limit is reached on a Vietnamese health insurance plan no further coverage will be provided.

Vietnam Health Insurance Limits Information

Most Vietnam insurance providers have reasonable and often quite generous limitations on their coverage, frequently into the millions of US dollars, but coverage limits should not be taken for granted. To learn more about coverage limitations for Vietnam health insurance plans, contact one of our Knowledge advisors for more information.

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