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Vietnam Maternity Health Insurance

When a couple decides to start or expand their family, one of their prime concerns is ensure that both mother and baby have access to the best possible care in order to ensure that the exciting experience goes smoothly and safely.

Having a child is expensive; this is true in Vietnam and elsewhere around the world.

While public hospitals in Vietnam offer relatively low cost services to expectant mothers, the conditions and crowds that must be contended with are often not preferable and can make the exciting event much more stressful than it needs to be. Furthermore, government subsidies for these services are typically not as generous for non-residents and expatriates as they are for local nationals, and final out of pocket costs can often be much more than initially expected.

Giving birth at a private Vietnamese hospital can cost as much as US$ 5,000. Although this figure is not as high as the costs associated with giving birth in countries like the USA or Hong Kong, it is important to understand that this is an average cost for a routine delivery without complications. Should there be any issues with the birth the costs associated with delivery can increase very sharply, and may pose an issue for any families attempting to cover the costs out-of-pocket.

With that in mind, Vietnam private maternity insurance is usually considered indispensable for the mother-to-be, giving the assurance that they and their infant will have the protection they need should anything happen.

Vietnam Maternity Insurance Coverage

Vietnam health insurance plans offering a Maternity coverage benefit will often provide extremely high levels of coverage. Generally many plans will include the following coverage with a Vietnam Maternity insurance benefit:

In some cases, depending on the insurance company providing the plan, it may be possible to obtain cover for a range of extended benefits, although this will typically increase the overall Vietnam health insurance policy premium and may not be available from all insurance providers in Vietnam.

Potential extended maternity coverage benefits may include:

As mentioned above, the levels of protection offered by a Maternity health insurance benefit will vary dependent on the insurance company providing the plan, and even between plans offered by individual insurers. Check what your Vietnam health insurance policy covers you for prior to purchase.

Maternity Health Insurance Waiting Periods

It is important to note that virtually all Vietnam Maternity Health Insurance plans will have a waiting period attached to the Maternity Benefit.

A waiting period is the length of time which you must have been enrolled on a plan before being able to claim for a certain type of treatment under the policy. Treatment received prior to the completion of the waiting period cannot be claimed for under the Vietnam health insurance policy.

Generally the waiting period for a Maternity benefit will be in the region of 10 to 12 months from the start of the plan, but this will vary dependent on the provider.

Therefore, it is wise to purchase maternity coverage that provides comprehensive coverage in Vietnam for any mother and her infant prior to planning to start a family as this will usually guarantee that all costs are accounted for and all necessary care is readily available

To learn more about waiting periods and their impact on Vietnam Maternity health insurance plans please click Vietnam health insurance waiting periods.

Vietnam Maternity Insurance Information

Doubtless all responsible parents are duly concerned for the welfare of both mother and baby, and most likely will have questions and concerns when selecting the best possible maternity coverage for their family. In that case, feel free to contact one of our advisers to access our vast database of information regarding maternity insurance coverage providers in Vietnam and have your questions answered quickly and accurately so that you can have the information you need about your protection.