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Vietnam New Born Child Health Insurance

Private insurance coverage for newborn babies in Vietnam is available in wide variety of forms. It is important to become keenly acquainted with you selected or potential coverage policy terms to ensure that you and your beloved newborn children are protected against any health risks.

Commonly, persons procuring private insurance coverage for their family, including all minor children, are doing so with the intent of providing comprehensive protection against potential health problems. This is a wise choice, as the early period of an infants life is by far its most fragile time, and no parent wants to think of the possibility of not being able to provide the care their child needs in case of emergency due to insufficient insurance coverage. Therefore, below is a brief review of two types of coverage available for newborns in Vietnam from some of the various private insurance providers offering coverage in country.

Free Benefit for a Newborn Child

As the name implies, a “free benefit" is free coverage of the newborn infant by the provider company that is insuring the new mother. Typically offered in relation to a predetermined time or monetary limit, a “free benefit" is intended to cover the child only for a short time after the birth.

A “free Benefit" will not typically incur a charge during the benefit period, but once the time or monetary limit has been reached an application must be submitted to the insurer for continuing coverage. If the application for continuing coverage is successful then an annual premium will normally be levied on the child’s coverage.

While having a Free Benefit can be an attractive proposition, it is important to note that any medical conditions developed by the child will normally be considered pre-existing upon the application of an annual policy after the conclusion of the benefit period, and may be excluded from the coverage of any subsequent plan.

"Born Into the Plan" Coverage

Choosing to have a child born into an existing Vietnam medical insurance policy will ensure that they are able to receive comprehensive insurance coverage from the day that they are born, no matter what the state of the infant’s health may be at birth.

Having a child born into a plan will incur a premium charge, making this a more expensive option than a Free Benefit; however, the policyholder is guaranteeing the ability of the child to receive continuing medical insurance coverage for the rest of their life.

Vietnam Newborn Insurance Considerations

Whether you choose to have your child born into your existing Vietnam medical insurance policy, or you elect to cover the infant with a free benefit, it is important to understand that the coverage offered in relation to new born children will vary between most Vietnamese health insurance companies. As such it is important that you explore all the options and understand what is covered under the plan you are choosing.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for a New Born Child benefit to be attached to a waiting period as with Maternity Health Insurance coverage. Typically shorter than a Maternity benefit waiting period, a New Born Child benefit waiting period will normally be around 6 months from the start of a policy.

For more information about waiting periods and the way in which they affect Vietnam health insurance plans, please click Vietnam Insurance Waiting Periods.

Vietnam New Born Insurance Information

We realize that the last thing anyone wants to do is search endlessly comparing various coverage plans and providers for their Vietnam health insurance solution, which is why we offer unbiased free informational resource on a wide array of coverage offered in Vietnam. Contact one of our expert advisers today to find out more about the typical coverage options in Vietnam and have all of your questions answered.

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