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Vietnam Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Coverage

Many Vietnam Health Insurance plans will normally exclude pre-existing medical conditions from coverage under the policy. However, due to the many exceptional providers offering health insurance coverage in Vietnam there may be some possibility for the coverage of a pre-existing condition under a Vietnamese medical insurance plan.

A pre-existing medical condition is defined as any medical condition for which symptoms were displayed, required treatment, or of which the policyholder was aware, prior to the purchase of a health insurance plan.

While all insurers will apply coverage, or not apply coverage to a pre-existing condition in many varied forms, common ways of handling a pre-existing medical condition under a Vietnamese health insurance plan include:

Exclusion of the Condition

The most prevalent way for handling a pre-existing medical condition under a Vietnamese health insurance plan is to exclude the condition, and any related conditions, from coverage under the plan.

Pre-existing Condition Moratorium

The second method commonly used for pre-existing condition coverage is to place a Moratorium, or waiting period, on the coverage of the condition. If no further treatment is required, and no symptoms of the condition have been displayed during the moratorium period, then the condition may be considered for coverage at the next policy renewal date.

A pre-existing condition moratorium period will normally last for 24 months from the start of a plan.

Condition Coverage by Premium Loading

Less common than an Exclusion or Moratorium, it may be possible to obtain coverage for a pre-existing medical condition by paying a higher policy premium (loading the plan premium).

It is important to understand that coverage of a pre-existing condition through an increased premium is not possible for all types of medical conditions, and is typically only considered on a case-by-case basis by many Vietnam insurance companies.

Obtaining pre-existing coverage through a higher plan premium is not a common occurrence, but may be possible with some select Vietnam health insurance providers.

Medical History Disregarded Coverage

Typically only available to groups comprised of 20 or more members, a Medical History Disregarded (MHD) benefit will allow for the coverage of all pre-existing conditions present within the group under the plan.

An MHD benefit will ensure that medical history is not a factor in your Vietnam health insurance plan, and consequently means that any conditions, even if they developed prior to the start of the policy or would otherwise be excluded by the plan, will normally be covered under the policy.

Vietnam Pre-existing Insurance Information

The ability, or lack-thereof, to cover pre-existing medical conditions under a Vietnamese medical insurance plan will change dependent on the insurance company you choose to work with.

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