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Vietnam Health Insurance Premiums and Payment

The cost, or premium, of various Vietnam private health insurance plans is based on several factors such as age, health history, group size, and level of coverage desired, and can range from fairly cheap to very expensive depending on the coverage selected.

Most insurance providers are aware that their potential customers are interested in affordable coverage that meets their needs, and as such, nearly all offer many options that are suitable for the average person visiting or residing in Vietnam. Further, payment is often quite flexible, as most providers understand that people's lifestyles vary, and many, such as short-term visitors will prefer to pay with a wide variety of currency other than Vietnamese Dong.

Vietnam Health Insurance Premium Information

While premiums are almost always based on age, there are instances where other factors can be ignored. Most notable, group or company plans may have options wherein other personal details such as the insured individual's health history may be ignored. To learn all the specifics about any particular plan, it is always best to discuss the details with the insurance company you opt to work with.

In order to keep pricing fair and competitive, many Vietnam medical insurance providers utilize 'community premiums' which in offer the same cost for coverage to everyone in their particular "community".

This usually means that all persons in the same age group and basic geographic location will pay the same amount for the same level of coverage from a specific provider in a certain policy year. As the insured grows older, they will move up in the "community" and their premium may increase progressively.

Some local Vietnam health insurance plans may use your age, and your claims history under the plan to calculate the policy premium. This means that the first premium after the initial insurance application may be startlingly low as the policyholder has no claims history with the plan. However, any claims made under the policy will be factored into the plan premium at renewal and, depending on the state of the policyholder’s health, can mean sharp and significant increases in the cost of the Vietnam health insurance policy.

When considering plan premiums, Vietnam Health Insurance recommends that you consult your provider to further understand how your premiums will be calculated over the lifetime of the policy.

Vietnam Health Insurance Payment

As mentioned above, payment options are usually fairly convenient, with a large number of currencies normally accepted.

To make paying for your Vietnam private health insurance even more convenient, most providers even allow for the plan premium to be made in full for an entire year, or in installments bi-annually, quarterly, or even every month, though at times an additional fee may be charged for monthly payment.

Vietnam Health Insurance Premium Information

To obtain further clarification on how Vietnam Health Insurance plan premiums are calculated you can contact an expert knowledge advisor by clicking here. You can also submit a request for additional information at the top of this page.