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CIGNA Vietnam

Vietnam Health Insurance Providers – CIGNA

Cigna has a history of insurance and underwriter's coverage that dates all the way back to 1792, in the then newly formed United States of America. It later expanded to open offices in Europe and Central and South America, and was already offering insurance in Asia by 1897. As time went on, Cigna saw the need that existed for a large, stable institution to offer health insurance around the world, and now has insured individuals in 205 countries around the globe. To do this, Cigna offers a wide range of coverage options for its insured in Vietnam and has a network of over 200,000 treatment centers and physicians at its disposal along with a team of approximately 29,000 employees to perform its own policy management and claims processing.

Vietnam Health Insurance Information

If you are interested in coverage details from CIGNA or any other Vietnam health insurance provider feel free to contact a Vietnam Health Insurance adviser for further assistance.