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Nordic Vietnam

Vietnam Health Insurance Providers – Nordic

Based in Denmark, as a branch of the Europæiske Rejseforsikring insurance company which has been providing traveler's insurance for more than 80 years, Nordic Health Care Insurance offers private and corporate medical coverage around the globe. In Vietnam it proudly offers individual, family and group medical coverage protection, including businesses, and thanks to its vast network of care providers around the world, Nordic takes care of its clients needs 24 hours a day almost anywhere on the planet.

One of the key aspects of coverage from Nordic is the ability to choose a local personal doctor and select from an extensive list of hospitals to ensure that their insured are always comfortable with the care they receive. Additionally, thanks to their global partnerships, the level of care their insured have access to is always first rate, inside and outside of Vietnam.

Vietnam Health Insurance Information

If you are interested in coverage details from Nordic or any other Vietnam health insurance provider feel free to contact a Vietnam Health Insurance adviser for further assistance.