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Vietnam Health Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance coverage in Vietnam is offered through a number of insurance providers, and all feature financial assistance to ensure needed access to healthcare outlets and offset the cost of medical treatment while in Vietnam. Where most Vietnam Health Insurance plans differ is in regard to the level of coverage they are able to offer.

Vietnam medical insurance plans and packages are available starting with a bare minimum of emergency protection all the way through to comprehensive coverage that provides access to care and assistance for virtually any eventuality.

Medical Insurance in Vietnam

Typically, plans from most care providers will fall into one of three categories:

From these basic structures, the choices are further broken down by the level of coverage you need or desire. Commonly, Vietnam medical insurance packages are offered as emergency hospitalization-only coverage or hospitalization and outpatient coverage (sometimes called comprehensive coverage). Additionally, many providers also offer other services such as emergency evacuation or dental insurance at additional cost; however, it is important to understand that the types of coverage available, and their cost, will vary dependent on the insurer you choose to work with.

For more information about the types of protection covered by these three common policy types, please click on the above links.

Vietnam Health Insurance Information

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