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Vietnam Group Health Insurance Plans

Group health insurance plans, sometimes known as corporate health insurance, company health coverage, or employee medical insurance, are typically offered to groups with three or more members who are not related to each other.

In the event that the members in a group are related to one another, Vietnam Health Insurance suggests that a Family health Insurance plan may be more applicable; however, there may be options for Vietnam company health insurance plans covering the family relations in the event that they are proven to be legitimate employees of the company.

It is important to note that any group can apply for a group coverage plan in Vietnam, be they a sports team, social group, or communal organization. As long as there are three or more non related members then your application will be considered by a provider.

While group health insurance can be a strong tool when hiring talented employees a strong plan can also be a major factor in the retention of key members of staff and may directly impact levels of employee happiness at an organization.

This insurance is a popular choice for employers in Vietnam who are looking for ways to create value in the eyes of their employees by proving that the employer has a real vested interest in the employee (and in some cases his or her family's) health. Because company benefits are often a key factor considered by potential workforce, many companies in Vietnam are choosing to offer group insurance plans as a way to attract some of the best talent available, well aware that the coverage is mutually beneficial, providing desirable protection to the employees and assisting the company to find and retain some of the most qualified and motivated workers, thus ensuring higher productivity and profits

In some cases, and depending on the provider or intermediary you choose to work with, it may even be possible for you to tailor the coverage offered by your Vietnam group medical insurance plan to provide differing levels of protection for staff members of differing seniority; more senior employees will typically be offered more comprehensive levels of protection than their junior counterparts if a policy is tailored for organizational needs. However, plan tailoring may not be available from every insurance company, or even every plan; tailoring usually occurs on a case-by-case basis, so it is important that you know whether this is an option when applying for Vietnam group medical insurance coverage.

Vietnam Group Health Insurance Coverage

As mentioned above, there are a large number of options when it comes to group health insurance in Vietnam. Normally you will be allowed to select the policy coverage benefits most suitable to your organization or group, allowing for the most comprehensive levels of coverage possible.

Coverage benefits normally included in Vietnam Group Health Insurance plans may include:

One major highlight of a Vietnam group health insurance plan, often available nowhere else, is the possibility of obtaining a Medical History Disregarded benefit on the policy. A Medical History Disregarded benefit, also known as MHD, is usually offered to groups of 20 or more members, and will allow for the coverage of all pre-existing conditions present in the group. For more information about a Medical History Disregarded Benefit please click Here.

Vietnam Health Insurance Information

Due to the vast array of potential combinations of types of companies, required benefits, and employee preferences, the list of offerings from Vietnam group health insurance coverage providers is immense. Further, these Vietnam group medical plans tend to offer a large amount of flexibility, as insurance providers are well aware of the fact that companies may offer differing levels of coverage to different employees due to various factors.

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