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Vietnam Travel Health Insurance Plans

Tourists, travelers, backpackers, expatriates and business people often choose Vietnam traveler's health insurance as a convenient way to ensure that, come what may during their stay in Vietnam, they are always able to quickly and easily access needed healthcare. Traveler's medical coverage packages come in a wide variety of options including hospitalization or emergency-only plans and comprehensive coverage which can even be purchased to include emergency air evacuation coverage should the insured individual desire to add it.

For short-term traveler's these plans typically offer affordable coverage for only the specified time the traveler desires to be covered in Vietnam. Longer durations of stay are usually covered under an individual health insurance plan; it is up to the traveler to determine the level and length of coverage desired.

For travelers who are planning to make Vietnam just one of a few or several international stops on a single trip, coverage is also available through a multi-country or international traveler's medical insurance plan. For frequent travelers residing inside or outside Vietnam, international health insurance coverage is often a good choice as this type of coverage generally offers the insured the same of level of coverage in nearly any location around the globe and coverage travelers with them wherever they go.

Vietnam Student Health Insurance

The other short term insurance options in Vietnam are plans specifically designed for students. Typically more cost effective than an annual individual health insurance policy a student medical insurance plan will often have lower levels of coverage than that found in an individual annual policy.

However, for the student in Vietnam on a budget, a Vietnamese student health insurance policy is a great way to ensure access to quality medical services.

These policies are typically designed to provide coverage only for the duration of the student’s studies, and will normally cease upon graduation. Applicants for a student health insurance plan in Vietnam will usually have to prove that they are currently attending an institute of higher education and are actively pursuing their studies.

Vietnam Health Insurance Information

Of course, the variety of options available through Vietnam traveler's health insurance plans and student medical insurance policies are far too large and varied to discuss in depth on this web-site, but you can request addition information by clicking here or completing the request form on this page.